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       Focus Hospitality Sales LLC is  an independent manufacturers representation agency serving the Foodservice industry in the six New England states. FOCUS Hospitality Sales LLC was formed in 2012 by Mike Gnecco and Jeff Cross, longtime business associates and friends within the Foodservice industry.

        Jeff and Mike have similar backgrounds with over 30 years in the Foodservice Industry, experienced in operations, distribution and over 20 years as a manufacturers reps in New England.      
       Focus Hospitality Sales LLC has developed strong relationships with the dealer/distributor community as well as large independent and multi-unit operators in New England including Restaurants, Hotels, Country Clubs, Banquet Facilities, Corporate Dining Facilities, Educational Dining Facilities, Conference Facilities, Health\Care Operations, Sports and Entertainment Venues, and Regional Chains.

       It is our goal to represent quality manufacturers and provide personalized professional attention, service, sales training and education to our customers and clients.

       Our customer care/ inside sales team with Carolyn Cass is second to none in the New England market and has proven to be a great asset to the dealer/distributor community.

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